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Top 5 tennis essentials (you’ve never heard of!)

Most tennis players and coaches know the importance of being prepared when stepping on court but in today’s blog, we want to bring your attention to five ’lesser known’ items that will almost certainly improve your performance and possibly give you that competitive edge you’ve been searching for.

1. Singles Sticks-Although this may initially seem like a weird one, I can’t tell you how often they are absent from tennis courts all over the world and how much of a difference they really make! Whether you are involved in high-performance tennis or are more of a club player, I highly recommend investing in your own set! Thankfully Tourna created a lightweight, portable set of sticks that easily screw together making them simple to store inside a traditional tennis bag and both sticks come with a center strap marking to ensure your net is at the perfect height. Unfortunately, it does mean your excuse for hitting the net is no longer valid!

singles sticks
2. ERT 300 Tension Checker- The ERT300 Tennis String Tester is undoubtedly a game-changer and a must-have for every serious tennis player. Originating from Switzerland, this innovative tool allows you to accurately measure the dynamic tension of your racket strings, providing invaluable insights into their current condition. With its convenient chart and carry case, you can easily track and monitor the tightness of your strings, ensuring optimal performance on the court. After being unavailable for some time, it’s exciting to see the ERT300 back on the market and ready for purchase worldwide. Once again it does eliminate your excuses for missing long but information is power and this little gem won’t disappoint!
tennis computer

3. Grip Enhancer- For those of you dealing with humid climates or excessive sweating, a grip enhancer can be a game-changer. These non-sticky moisture absorption products, offered by companies like Prince, Wilson, and Tourna, provide much-needed relief and ensure a secure grip on your racket, even in challenging conditions. While they may sometimes be tricky to find due to high demand or limited stock, the effort to locate them is well worth it for those struggling with sweat issues.

prince grip

4. ‘Emergency’ Box- As a coach I always like to be prepared for any eventuality and therefore like to have easy access to essential items. Adjustable grid organizer boxes are excellent additions to any tennis bag as they can store everything from salt packs, tissues, hair clips, sun cream, shoe-laces, stencil ink, grip tape, painkillers, scissors, alcohol swabs, feminine hygiene products and much more! Just make sure to keep the box in your checked in luggage if traveling on planes as you may have issues getting some of the items through security!

Organizer box

5. Breathing Trainer- The breathing trainer is a versatile tool that I’ve integrated into training sessions with players, albeit with varying degrees of success. While marketed for its potential to increase lung capacity and simulate altitude training conditions, my professional experience, and qualifications (NSCA-CSCS) have led me to conclude otherwise. However, I’ve found value in using this device to help players regulate their breathing patterns more effectively, as when properly positioned in the mouth, it prompts individuals to breathe consciously, with amplified feedback through audible breath sounds. These devices are often used for the elderly or injured as they provide a simple yet effective means to increasing a person’s heart rate without placing extra physical demands on the person but instead by limiting the amount of air a person can breathe in and out.

mouth piece

Please comment below and let us know what items would make it in to your ‘Top 5′ and always remember that whether you are looking for tennis coaches near me, high performance training, tennis consultations or simply just a great tennis coach to help you improve your game, First Strike Tennis’ Network consultants are here for you.

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  • jason pincher
    Posted May 14, 2024 at 9:23 pm

    Nice list but I always like to include some old fashioned string savers!

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