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Welcome to First Strike Tennis, your premier destination for tennis coaching and support tailored specifically for players connected to the prestigious Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Tour. As the gold standard of women’s professional tennis, the WTA Tour demands excellence and dedication, and our services are finely tuned to meet those exacting standards.

Whether you’re a current WTA player looking to enhance your game, or an aspiring player striving to join the ranks of elite professionals, First Strike Tennis offers a comprehensive range of coaching and consulting solutions to suit your needs. Our experienced tennis coaches, equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise, provide on-court and remote coaching sessions designed to elevate your skills and performance on the WTA Tour.

In addition to personalized coaching, we offer project management and consulting services tailored specifically for WTA players, ensuring that every aspect of your professional journey is optimized for success. Our network of elite WTA experienced coaches provides unparalleled mentorship and guidance, while our coach development programs offer aspiring WTA coaches the opportunity to refine their skills through practical experience and insights from industry leaders.

Whether you’re seeking tennis coaches near you, online tennis coaching, or connecting with experienced WTA coaches, First Strike Tennis is your ultimate partner in women’s professional tennis. Contact us today to discover how we can support and elevate your journey in the dynamic world of the WTA Tour.

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